Level up at The Complete Player Hockey Camp. 
A unique holistic training camp experience, that will transform your game on and off the ice. You will be empowered with the training to grow strong and flourish while taking your game and life to a whole new level.


5-days of a holistic-hockey training camp enhance your skills on and off the ice
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  • Skill Development
  • Power Skating
  • Conditioning
  • Game Sense & Positioning
  • High Tempo Flow
  • Professional Instruction
  • Read & Response Functional Learning 



  • Increase Speed & Agility
  • Increase Core Stability
  • Increase Power & Strength
  • Balance & Coordination
  • Increase Endurance & Injury Prevention
  • Increase Mobility & Flexibility



  • Leadership
  • Mindset
  • Sports Psychology
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Wellness Training
  • Character Building
  • Enhanced Confidence



  • Enhanced Mind-Body Connection
  • Increased Focus
  • Increased Awareness
  • Increased Recover
  • Increased Balance & Mobility
  • Reduce Stress
  • Increase Mental Clarity


Summerland BC


Dates: July 2022
Ages Groups: TBA
Location: Summerland Arena
Price: TBA


Limited Spots Available

Terrace Hockey Camps


Dates: August 22 - 26, 2022
Ages Groups: U9 - U18
*Bantam & Midget Elite
Terrace Sportsplex
Price: TBA

Limited Spots Available

Terrace Hockey Camps

Ringette Group

Dates: August 22 - 26, 2022
Group: Ringette 10+
Terrace Sportsplex
Price: TBA

Limited Spots Available

“My son loves this hockey camp! Even after 6 hours of hard work, he looks forward to doing it all again the next day!”

- Krystal Conway (Parent)


The On-Ice sessions at The Complete Player Camp are held to a high standard, focusing on creating solid habits that cultivate success on the ice while keeping things dynamic and fun. At The Complete Player Hockey Camp, players experience an inspiring environment to break through glass ceilings and expand beyond what they thought was possible. Skills and techniques are simplified for players and then built upon, breaking things down and building upon each technique help you program high-quality habits and build bullet-proof confidence.

complete player hockey camp

In the Power-Skating, we focus on cultivating efficient, dynamic, speed through utilizing stride efficiency, edge  control, balance, body position and quick transitions.

In Skill Development, we work with players on developing their puck handling, shooting, scoring, passing, on-ice awareness, positioning, grit, creativity and conditioning.  High-tempo flow drills and games are frequently used for players to integrate their skills in game-like situations. 

cross overs skating
hockey camp coaching

 The On-Ice Sessions includes:

  • Professional Coaching
  • Progressive Skill Development
  • Power Skating & Conditioning
  • High-Quality Training
  • Video Analysis
  • High Speed Drills

What you will experience from the On-Ice Sessions: 

  • Increased Speed & Edge Control
  • Win More Races To Pucks
  • Increased Skating Efficiency
  • Create Separation Speed
  • Increased Puck Handling and Shooting Skills
  • Score More Goals
  • Increased Conditioning and Grit
  • Increased Overall Confidence
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(Limited Spots)


At The Complete Player Camp you receive a  customized video skating analysis. At camp you are individually filmed on-ice and one of our coaches reviews and analyzes you're skating.

The technique taught has been developed over the past 20 years and has been tested on professional hockey players, proven to increase speed and skating efficiency.

Skating Analysis
Skating Analysis

While players go through their on-ice sessions throughout the week, they will be taught these exact techniques to reinforce optimum skating habits.

Players/parents will receive an e-mail after camp with the player's complete skating analysis and coaching.

(Limited Spots)

“My son has learned so many new skills. He comes home every day to tell me how much fun he has had.”

- Holly Monsen (Parent)


 With today's ever-evolving game, off-ice performance training is a fundamental pillar in a hockey players' development. It is vital for you to have high-quality training in place to keep your performance advancing and ensure you are physically equipped to develop to your full potential. 

Equally important are the training techniques to off-set the strenuous demands playing hockey has on the body. It is crucial for players to learn how to cultivate a resilient body that supports healthy growth, mobility and optimum performance. 

At The Complete Player Camp, players experience leading-edge high performance and hockey specific training that focuses on building dynamic speed, agility, power, coordination, full-body strength and physical resilience. You will experience training that will activate your nervous system to optimize your performance and fitness.

hockey strength training
hockey hop jumps

Off-Ice Training Includes: 

  • Training from Professional Kinesiologist and Trainers
  • Progressive Holistic Hockey Specific Training
  • Building Strength To Win More Battles On The Ice
  • Detailed Instruction Which Will Challenge Players To Grow
  • Leading Edge Innovative Training Techniques
  • Explosive Training Which Complements On-Ice Abilities
  • Fun, Positive, Safe, Environment to Grow and Thrive in

What you will experience from the Off-Ice Training: 

  • Increased Strength, Dynamic-Speed & Power
  • Winning More Puck Battles
  • Increased Balance, Agility, Mobility & Flexibility
  • Last Longer In Games
  • Increased Cardio and Conditioning
  • Increased Recovery & Well-being
  • Increased Coordination & Focus
  • Increased Mental & Physical Resilience
  • Increased Confidence & Power
hockey training pic

(Limited Spots)


In the Life-Wellness Sessions, we focus on preparing players with knowledge, skills and experience that build you into being an optimum human for life. To maintain a high-performance level and high quality of life, balance is key. You’ll learn about holistic health on a physical, mental and energetic level. You will apply these practices in an experiential way that create’s balance, alignment and momentum to propel you in the direction of stellar health, wellness and personal empowerment. 

Now more than every you need to be empowered to be not only physically strong and healthy, but even more importantly, you must become mentally and emotionally fit.

James McEwan speaking

Mental and emotional health is crucial and if not tended to properly, leaves you at risk. Just like you need to train your body to cultivate fitness,  the same needs to be done with your mind. When you realize how to utilize the powerful tool of your mind, almost anything becomes possible.

peace within

“The mind makes a great servant but lousy master.” Just like building muscle for strength, you can learn how to become stronger internally through practices that cultivate self-awareness and internal resilience. You will learn proven, practical, powerful philosophies that gain you the ability to overcome any challenge thrown your way, while harnessing the power of creation, and how to consciously create your reality effectively.

Health does not just happen by accident, health must also be cultivated. In the Wellness sessions, you will be taught powerful practices to activate and upgrade the important systems within your body and mind. You are what you eat… literally. Nutrition is paramount for cultivating health, optimum-performance and energy. You will learn essential nutritional knowledge and plans to upgrade your immune system, build muscle, optimize energy, recover better and fill your life full of vitality.


“Leader aren't born, they're made”

Truly successful leaders build people up to make the environment and others around them better. A successful leader holds a vision and empowers others to collectively co-create a better future. In the Wellness sessions, we teach the importance of leadership and uncover essential qualities, and characteristics of being a solid, successful leader. Whether you wear a letter on your jersey or not, you are a leader and are setting an example.

The player who embodies these qualities, characteristics and practices will no doubt be a leader that makes an impact.

 The Wellness Sessions includes:

  • Balancing Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Simplified Effective Mindset Routines & Practices
  • Programming Sub-Conscious Mind for Success
  • Cultivation of Mental & Emotional Health & Resilience
  • Clarity on your Personal Vision with an Action Plan
  • Uncovering Essential Leadership Qualities 
  • Health & Performance Nutritional Training
expanding mind visualization

What you will experience from the Wellness Sessions:

  • Increased Mental & Physical Vitality
  • Ability To Make Decisions While Under Pressure
  • Increased Confidence & Self-Awareness
  • Increased Leadership Abilities
  • Increased Peace & Happiness
  • Increased Creativity 

(Limited Spots)


In times of increased stress and pressure, you need tools and practices to keep yourself balanced and equanimous. Yoga is an ancient Sanskrit word that means union. It is a practice to calm your mind, increase your awareness of the present moment, and unify all aspects of your being. It has been proven that just 15 minutes of meditation changes the neuroplasticity of the brain to be more functional, focused and perform at a much higher level.

hockey players meditating

When the mind is calm and the body healthy, you can become a clear channel for Spirit to flow through. This is one of the most important things anyone can do and has an extensive amount of benefits for those who practice. The benefits of yoga and meditation include boosting your cognitive function, inducing a heightened state of awareness, increased focused attention and enhanced well-being. These practices are helping top performers all around the world be the most effective they can be in their craft and maintain a high quality of life

In the Yoga & Meditation Session, players will experience a daily practice time to reenergize their body through the ancient technology of yoga and meditation. These practices will benefit you for life.

hockey players yoga

Yoga and Meditation include: 

  • Customized Meditation & Yoga Sets
  • Daily Routines that build on each other
  • Strengthening of your Intuition & Energetic Field
  • Guided Meditations
  • Yogic Philosophy

What you will experience from Yoga & Meditation: 

  • Enhanced Connection with Body, Mind & Spirit 
  • Enhanced Mental Clarity & Presence
  • Enhanced Recovery & Injury Prevention
  • Enhanced Sense of Peace & Well Being
  • Increased Creativity & Problem Solving
  • Increased Equanimity & Happiness
  • Reduced Stress & Anxiety
hockey yoga

(Limited Spots)


James McEwan

James McEwan

James McEwan, co-founder of Infinite Ice and former professional hockey player who helps hockey players cultivate optimum performance with holistic high performance/wellness training so they can live and perform at their full potential.

His philosophy focuses on a holistic approach using a synthesis with the body, mind, and spirit. James is gifted with the ability to inspire and bring the best out of people and continues to evolve by positively impacting the lives of hockey players around the world through Infinite Ice’s hockey camps and programs.

Josh McEwan

Josh McEwan

Josh McEwan, co-founder of Infinite Ice makes an impact with every hockey player he coaches. Drawing from his extensive experience as a championship-winning junior hockey player turned coach combined with his intelligence and personality is part of his incredible ability to connect and communicate with players effectively. 

His heart shines through in his passion for developing hockey players from the inside out. Josh’s goal for each hockey player he coaches is to guide them to experience a potential they didn’t know was possible.

Jens Kieling

Jens Kieling

Jens Kieling, professional trainer and kinesiologist. His innovative intuitive and scientific training techniques have transformed the games and lives of top-level athletes around the world including many NHL & NBA players.

Jens Kieling has 20+ years of professional training experience and with him being a former University hockey player, he is able to easily relate to hockey players and communicate his message effectively for hockey players to digest and utilize the training for maximum benefit.

Take Your Game to The Next Level
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  • Camp ages are 7-17+
  • Players will be designated to the appropriate group depending on age and skill level
  • 2 On-Ice Sessions per day (total of 10)
  • 1 Ice Session on Saturday
  • 1 Dry-land Session per day (total of 5)
  • 1 Wellness Session per day (total of 5)
  • 1 Yoga and Meditation Session per day (total of 5)
  • Groups are capped off at functional number to ensure high-level coaching for each player  
  • 3 years minimum playing experience, this is not a learn to skate program
  • Complete Day schedule will be e-mailed to you closer to camp
Summerland BC


Dates: July 2022
Ages Groups: TBA
Location: Summerland Arena
Price: TBA

Limited Spots Available!

Terrace Hockey Camps


Dates: August 22 - 26, 2022
Ages Groups: U9 - U18
*Bantam & Midget Elite
Location: Terrace Sportsplex
Price: TBA

Limited Spots Available!

Terrace Hockey Camps

Ringette Group

Dates: August 22 - 26, 2022
Age Group: Ringette 10+
Location: Terrace Sportsplex
Price: $

Limited Spots Available!

“This is beyond what I thought was going to be involved. You guys are first class.”

- Karry Stanvick (Parent)

Terrace Hockey School 2019

Cancellation & Refund Policy  

Upon receipt of your payment no refund will be issued except upon receipt of a medical report from a qualified physician; stating that the registered child is unable to participate in the hockey camp for medical reasons. A $75 dollar processing fee will apply.

The above refund policy is only applicable to cancellations prior to the first day of camp. The camp is not refundable or partially refundable once the camp has started.